How to use multiple WhatsaApp account in one phone – 10+ account in same Android –

How to use multiple WhatsaApp account in one phone

                            Are you looking for How to Run two Whatsapp on one phone? But in this article, I will tell you how to use more than ten WhatsApp in one phone.

Running multiple WhatsApp is not a big deal. You can have as much as you want, it only depends on your phone capabilities like phone storage and RAM.
Multiple WA account can only be achieved by using third party apps and cloning apps.
So read the article till the end & follow the easy steps given below to access multiple WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business was designed for business purpose to make contact and connect with customers & clients. But user interface and features are almost the same, that’s why we can also use it like standard WhatsApp.
         Download link – Click here

2. Mod versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp mod versions are the modified and improved versions of standard/original WhatsApp with many premium-like features.

Features of WhatsApp mod versions:-

  • Anti-ban feature
  • Enable/disable blue tick
  • Inbuilt app lock 
  • Online status
  • Thousands of emoji & themes
  • Deleted messages by the sender can be read 
  • 100+ language support

Some of the Whatsapp mod versions are:-

Each has its own features, so you can download any of them according to your features requirement.

Note:- These mod versions come with cool features but along with that they are risky to use. They are not totally safe because messages are not encrypted that means can be read by the third person. However, if you don’t know Facebook messenger is also not encrypted.

3. Phone’s inbuilt dual space mode

Nowadays every smartphone is coming with ‘dual space’ feature to allow users to use two different accounts for an app. 

Follow the steps for each brand smartphones to access dual space:-

1. Xiaomi(Redmi):- 
Go to Settings > Second space > Turn on Second Space > Using password(set password)> Move Data > App Settings > Select Whatsapp > Choose keep in both spaces

2. Oppo:-
Go to Settings > Clone apps > WhatsApp

3. Vivo:-
Go to Settings > App clone > Whatsapp

4. Samsung:- 

Go to Settings > Advance Features > Dual messenger > Whatsapp

4. Clone Apps 

Clone apps make a copy of already existing apps. They run in parallel but functions independently from original apps. 
Apps like Parallel Space and Dual Space are the can make a copy of not only WhatsApp but also messenger, games, Gmail.
You can install both apps simultaneously, which means you can have WhatsApp in both clone apps.

  • Install Parallel space & open it.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon.
  • Choose Whatsapp from it.
  • Login Whatsapp and you successfully created a clone of Whatsapp.


I’ll recommend you to use parallel space and inbuilt dual space on phone. 

  • Original Whatsapp + Whatsapp business + 1 mod Whatsapp = 3 accounts
  • Parallel space clones = 3 accounts
  • Inbuilt phone dual space = 3 account

You can have more accounts if you will install more mod versions WhatsApp or install one more clone app from play store.

I hope the post would be helpful for you. Comment below if any query. Stay tuned!

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